Brand upgrade

Top of the league: Alpha Flock takes the lead in R&D and production.

Operation system: Advanced digital management for systematic market exploration.

Future capture: State of the art flocking technology and hardware against new challenge.

Eye on details: Strict quality control to guarantee top notch production quality.

Raise the bar: Continuous innovation to stay ahead of industry standard.

Alpha’s core values


With the grand mission of “Focus on quality and details”, the simplicity of this perfect circle indicates the initiatives and principals of Alpha Flock, a torch-bearer who dares to uphold commitments to guarantee “Alpha Flock – Only the Best”!


Forming an ‘Hourglass’ by two triangles, symbolizing Alpha Flock is never satisfied with current achievements, but will make continuous efforts in innovation to stay ahead of industry standard.

Moving On Together

By capturing strokes extending towards the top, it represents Alpha Flock is embracing all flocking industrial players to collaborate and enjoy a “win-win” situation as well as to achieve the greatest triumph for the flocking industry.

Brand mission:Industry-leading

With over a quarter century’s experience, Alpha Flock has become a legend in the flocking industry. We are never satisfied with our achievements, because we believe if we continue to advance in our professional knowledge and craftsmanship, we can always gain better results and provide better service. Alpha Flock – Only the Best.

International Certifications