The Alpha Flock Story

This is the Age of Sophistication.

This is the Era of Aesthetics.

This is the Time of Details.


Flocking elevates product texture And sensation.Flocking technology turns Impossible into possible.
Throughout 25 years,Alpha Flock has been depositing Electrically charged fiber particles Vertically onto surfaces, Precisely, meticulously, gracefully, Creating superior results.

Alpha Flock Stands for exquisite fiber and innovative design, Ultimate quality and total dedication, And a whole new tactile horizon.


Alpha Flock A pioneer who dares to explore and meet challenges to satisfy your needs.


Alpha Flock An innovator who dares to breakthrough to take you to a higher ground.

Alpha Flock A torch-bearer who dares to uphold commitments to guarantee “Alpha Flock – Only the Best”.
With you, we are flocking infinite possibilities for the industry!

Brand Personalities


The metaphor of HILL indicates the reliability and steadiness of Alpha Flock, overcoming difficulties, bearing great courage to open up new world and pioneering the field.


The metaphor of SEA indicates the vigor and hidden energy of Alpha Flock, surging forward with the tide to the world, leading market demands, and determined to open up the world’s flocking market.


The metaphor of SUN indicates the grand prospect and advancement of Alpha Flock, thriving with a brand-new professional brand image after its brand transformation and upgrading, and set out to flock infinite possibilities for the world!